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Santas Construction Ltd.00905323744977 
Tongzhou Shifa Ship Machinery Co., Ltd. 
Jiangyin Qichang Aluminum & Plastic New Material Co., Ltd. 
Al-Iklas Halal Food- 
Kisluk Engineering9720523756218 
Abbusys (Pvt) Limited 
Pocono Quail Farm 
Middle East Engineering And Trading Company9151583745 
Egypt. Fruits And Vegetables0020123345471 
C. I Animal's Planet Ltda573125224683 
Pt. Dewa Ruci Agung6281331475756 
Trans African Communications0823741469 
Lumumba Farm255 754 781616 
Raaw Agro Farms India Pvt Ltd9442619755 
Organic Products & Agricultural Services R& D Ltd.00 64 27544 2994 
Mother India Farms919341218191 
Lucian Buzea0040721099998 
Er-Cag Inc 
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