IES Trading Ltda.

Country/Territory: Brazil
Telephone: 55-41-3014-1256
Mobile phone: 55-41-9168-2710
Fax: 55-41-3014-1201
Website: http://
Zip: 80610260
Contact Person: Mr. Adalberto Netto
Job Title:
Business Type:
Legal Representative/CEO: Adalberto D. B. Netto
Registered Address:
About Us Acquality Trading is a intelligence & service trading helping foreign companies to stablish a supply base operation with Brazil, acquiring the best products from Brazil and the MERCOSUR Region. Also provides consulting services and trading advice to implement internationalization projects for Brazilian Companies seeking to expand in foreign markets. Acquality Trading has counterpart partners in Belgium, USA and Australia to leverage service level to customers and is seeking new trade and services partnerships to link Brazil with the Global Markets.

Products/Services We Offer: Sugar, Meat, Wood